How to Tease a Guy

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    • 1). Decide the goal of your teasing. Although your goal may evolve over time, it is important that your efforts aren't being completed in vain. Are you teasing the guy because you actually like him or, are you teasing the guy for the sake of having a good laugh with your friends? There are many ways to tease a guy so knowing your goal will help you choose the correct teasing methods. For example, intense stares and sexual comments may not be the desired approach for teasing someone you're just teasing for fun.

    • 2). Get to know your victim. This will allow you to tailor your teasing to fit the individual being teased. Although guys don't like to admit it, they do have feelings that can be deeply hurt if your teasing is considered inappropriate or malicious. Remember that the point is to the tease the guy and not to humiliate him. While some guys prefer subtle teasing, others prefer to be "belittled" in front of a cheering crowd.

    • 3). Approach the guy with confidence. Consider yourself a formidable predator targeting vulnerable prey. Everything you do must be with an air of cool confidence and self-assurance. Guys can sense weakness and actually prefer to be sought after by poised "alpha females." Leave the whimpering and cowering to those less fortunate than yourself and bring your "A" game at all times. This will make you seem untouchable and therefore more desirable to the guy you're teasing.

    • 4). Play up to his ego. Guys like to have their egos stroked by attractive, confident women. After you've found out what he's great at doing, use it to exploit him. Praise his dressing style or basketball skills to have him waiting for your next compliment or second glance. Use your good looks and personality to make the guy wish you were teasing him--and only him.

    • 5). Vary your teasing attacks. Guys are easily bored and need to be thoroughly occupied at all times. Making the same jokes or giving out the same compliments daily will become predictable and less satisfying. Your goal is to have the guy wondering what you will say or do to him the next time you meet. You may have competition from other women, so make yourself stand out from the crowd.

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