Does Roadmap to Riches Have The Right Formula for Home-Business Success?

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There are many home-based business programs available and Roadmap to Riches is the newest one to come in as a major player.
But does this new program have the formula necessary for success? Well, let's start by taking a look at the 3 key ingredients of a credible home-business opportunity: 1)An Immediate and Residual Compensation Model: The compensation model for your program should pay you a commission from your first sale.
Once you have launched your website and started your marketing campaign you should reap the rewards on your first sale instead of giving up 100% of your first two commissions to your advisor.
Also make sure that the compensation plan has residual income from all of the sales that you make.
2)Useful and High-Quality Products: Many online programs are developed simply to recruit other members and do not provide products that have any value to your customer.
This is a problem because, after all, most of the online business opportunities are direct sales businesses and the key to any successful direct sales business is to have products that consumers will use and will benefit from.
Another important thing to consider is that when your customer makes a purchase, the products should be available immediately via download.
If the products provide quality personal development material and are readily available, your new customer will be excited and motivated.
They will start using the products immediately and will be excited to launch their own business promoting them, as well.
Training: This is by far the most important ingredient.
There are many sites that offer training materials but if you are a novice to internet marketing or direct sales you will have to have exceptional training in order to be successful.
There are ins and outs of internet marketing that only some of the most savvy internet business owners understand well.
Make sure that you find a mentor or a team that has experience and who will provide TANGIBLE training to launch and manage your new business.
Also make sure that your mentor will be available to you ongoing.
The Roadmap to Riches program has the two first ingredients.
This is a great start.
Searching for the third ingredient is where you will have to do some work.
Make sure to find a solid mentor or team who truly has your best interest at heart.
Ask to see samples of the training program they are offering.
Have a conversation with your potential mentor to see if you are comfortable with them and will want to call them for guidance in the future, if needed.
You are about to make an investment to start your own business and want to have the formula for success.
If you find these 3 ingredients then you could be on your way to a very successful, rewarding and lucrative home-business career!
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