Postnatal Yoga Exercises

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    Building up the abs

    • Abs are probably the biggest trouble zone for most new mothers, and logically so. Before starting any abdominal exercise, check with your doctor whether you delivered vaginally or otherwise. But once you get the green light, pelvic rocking can be the healthy slow start to strengthening and tightening your abs. Simply lie flat on your back and pull your belly button into your back. While exhaling, tilt your pelvis up. Then exhale and tilt your pelvis back. Do this for 20 repetitions.

    Arms, neck and shoulders

    • Breastfeeding, bottle feeding and constant diaper changes often cause neck and shoulder pain for mothers. This can be remedied with Gomukhasana arms, or cow face pose. Extend your right arm and bend it behind your head so that your palm is touching between your shoulder blades and your elbow is against the back of your head. With your left arm, reach behind your back and, if possible, interlock the fingers of your left and with your right hand. Inhale and exhale deeply for about a minute, then release and switch arms.

    Join a class

    • With approval from your doctor, it may be convenient to practice yoga in your own home. However, it may be safer and more effective for new mothers to find a local gym or private establishment that offers postnatal yoga classes. This way you can learn poses from a professional, interact with other mothers and even have somewhere for your baby to play if childcare is offered.

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