Hearing Test - Preparing For Your Screening

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Regardless of the reason why you need to take a hearing test, it's important to put forth your best effort.
There is no known way to fake your way through such a screening.
In fact, you're likely to fail worse, if you attempt such a thing.
But, there are certainly things you can do to improve your chances of success.
It's a good idea to prepare thoroughly, even if you are only having a screening for your own curiosity.
Even if you know you that you are suffering from some degree of auditory loss, putting forth a good effort can ensure the doctor gets an accurate reading and can provide you with relevant advice.
If you do have an issue, your results can guide your doctor in determining what course of action and treatment is best for your unique situation.
Leave Your Ears Alone In the days leading up to your hearing test, just leave your ears alone.
A lot of people are tempted to start going on elaborate cleaning rituals in the days before a screening, figuring they will improve their chances by eliminating any dirt or wax getting in the way.
While an ear clogged with wax will certainly not give you an accurate reading of your actual auditory capabilities, this is a problem that needs to be professionally treated.
Otherwise, don't start up with extensive cleaning.
More often than not, this leads to pushing the wax further into the canal, which can accentuate any problems that you do have.
Avoid High Volumes While it's important to the general health of your ears to avoid high volumes in any case, it is especially important that you do so leading up to a hearing test.
Attending a loud sporting event or concert just before a screening could muffle your ears temporarily, leading to a skewed result.
If you have no choice but to be around high volumes leading up to your screening, take precautions.
There are very good earplugs available that can cut your exposure to dangerous decibel levels substantially.
Make Yourself Comfortable You don't need a lot of distractions when trying to listen to very faint tones.
If you wear earrings, consider taking them out before you put the headphones on.
It could be an uncomfortable distraction.
Along the same lines, make sure that you go to the bathroom before the screening.
If you're thinking about how much you wish it would be over, you could lose focus, causing you to miss some of the fainter frequencies in your rush to be done.
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