Weight Training Advice - Everything You Need to Know

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Engaging in a weight training program carries with it loads of immense benefits.
Increased muscle strength, more bone density and weight loss are all yours for the taking with an appropriate weight training regimen.
However, because you are using free weights or machines to give you that much-needed resistance to make your workouts more intense so you to achieve the benefits, there is also a good chance of getting hurt from it.
Weights could slip and injure any part of your body.
You could tear a ligament when you attempt to lift weights heavier than what you can actually carry.
Not giving your muscles enough time to recover from the trauma could also be detrimental.
The injuries sustained during any workout session involving weights and machines are often due to poor form and improper technique.
It's always best to workout with a trainer with specific knowledge in weight training so you can correct any flaws you may have regarding your technique and thus maximize the benefits you can derive from your training sessions.
In the meantime, here are some practical do's and don'ts of weight training that you would do well to observe: Do's of Weight Training: 1.
Do lift only what you can lift.
Try doing a single set of repetitions for about a dozen times and see if you can handle this comfortably.
If you can barely reach ten repetitions, switch to lighter weights.
You can progress in poundage as you begin to feel stronger.
Do learn technique and form before even lifting a single piece of weight.
This is why it's important to work with a specialist.
Mind you, form is not only observed when you begin to repeat the motions, but it actually starts the moment you get the weights from the rack and ends at the time you replace them.
Getting barbells from the rack in one hurried motion, for example, could lead to painful back injuries.
Do breathe.
Exhale when you lift the weight and inhale when you put it down.
Follow this rhythmic breathing and don't make the mistake of holding your breath as you lift since this could spike up your blood pressure levels.
Do work all your muscle groups.
Do give your body time to recover and rest.
At the very least, don't work the same muscle groups on successive days.
You can do arm strengthening exercises one day and leg exercises the next so you allow you arm muscles to rest and recover.
Don'ts of Weight Training: 1.
Don't fail to warm up and stretch.
This is essential to preventing injury and strain.
You can jog for a ten minutes and stretch a little bit after that so you warm your muscles and avoid injury before you lift the weights.
Don't rush headlong into your routine.
Make each movement controlled, deliberate.
This way, your muscles actually feel the burn since you don't rely on momentum to raise the weight.
Don't deal with pain.
In any exercise routine, whether it is weight training or something else, experts will always tell you to stop when you feel any form of pain.
You can try using lighter weights.
But if the pain persists, you may need to consult a physician.
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