How to Write Effective Answers on Job Applications

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    • 1). Provide detailed information about your skills and achievements. If, for example, you are asked about your organizational skills, provide an overview of the projects that you have worked on in which you used your organizational skills. Show, for example, that you worked within tight budget constraints and deadlines or that you implemented a strategy that saved your company money.

    • 2). Mirror the language used in the application form. If you get a question about your negotiating skills, use the words "negotiating skills" in your answer. If you are applying for a job in response to an advertisement that asks for a motivated self-starter, tell your prospective boss that you are a "motivated self-starter" and why. Write this in your personal statement if there are no relevant questions.

    • 3). Explain why you an ideal candidate. Be positive and upbeat. List previous awards and achievments. Talk about how your previous work experience and assignments have equipped you with the necessary skills needed to do the job to which you are applying. Focus on part-time jobs and voluntary work if you are a student or lack work experience. Explain what attracted you to the organization you want to work for. This demonstrates that you have done your research on the company.

    • 4). Quote what people have said about you. If you received a glowing memo from your boss, or you invented a product or provided a service that received favourable testimonials, use brief extracts in the questions you are answering.

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