Are You Expecting Less Than God"s Christian Gift to You?

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As a Christian, what are you expecting for today or tomorrow?Are you truly expecting to rise higher in life?Are you truly expecting any good breaks?Are you truly expecting goodness to follow you everywhere you go?If you are only expecting to get the short end of the stick, then your own negative thinking will keep you from your own success.
Because God will only meet you at the level of your expectations, whatever they may be.
You need to consistently give attention to what you are thinking about, and always keep a positive attitude.
Then make the decision to truly believe that God is the way for all good things.
Always start out everyday only thinking "This will be a great day and something good is going to happen to me.
"Each day you should imagine and truly believe in your heart that there are blessings, favor, increase, and promotion in your path, and that they already have your name on them! Each day remember Psalm 23:6 (NCV) "Surely goodness and loving-kindness will follow me all the days of my life...
" Constantly keep this verse in your mindset and have a positive expectancy.
Deep down in your heart and mind you truly need to believe that God's blessings will overtake you.
When you can do this each and every day, you can truly expect goodness and prosperity to chase you down! Condition yourself to raise your desires higher and maintain your level of expectancy, because God will meet you at that level.
He truly loves His children so much that He wants to pour out His blessings and His favor on you! Have you ever tried to imagine what God might have in store for your future? No matter how great the goals are that you may be able to come up with, God has more in store for you than you can even begin to imagine! This is His Christian gift to each of us.
1 Corinthians 2:9 (NJV) tell us, "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him.
" Let this verse encourage you today to dream bigger.
Get your expectancy up.
There is nothing that you can come up with that is beyond God's power!He wants to see you rise higher and it starts with your thinking.
Think bigger.
Think expansive.
God wants you to excel and go beyond where you are.
He truly wants to see you fulfill the desires of your heart!If you continue to stand strong and unwavering in your faith and dream big, you will live the life He has already prepared for you! Every hurdle and obstacle in your life is subject to change.
It truly does not matter what you may be facing, or how insurmountable it may seem, there is an answer in the unseen of God's realm.
The unseen is the spiritual realm where the promises of God exist.
Your strong unwavering faith and focus in your positive desires and through your prayers will bring those unseen things into this natural realm, and to you.
Have you ever started to do something when you had a nudging on the inside of you started telling you to do something completely different?It is easy to override that little inward voice, but that small voice deep on the inside of you is one of the ways that God speaks to you.
It's how He leads you by His Spirit.
The more you can yield yourself to His leading, the easier it becomes to follow Him.
When you follow the Spirit's leading by faith, even when it does not make sense, you are making a declaration with your actions that you are a child of God.
Romans 8:14 (NAB) tells us, "Those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God.
" Make the decision today to fix your eyes, mind, and heart on the promises of God.
Meditate on your positive desires until they become more real to you than the air you breathe.
Develop a strong and unwavering Christian faith, and declare that His promises will come to pass in your life.
Do not ever doubt that you do not have His favor, and continue to truly believe it!Do not allow fear and doubt to change the desires that you are praying for in your life.
As you continue to fix your spiritual eyes and prayers on your desires, and always with thanks for God's Christian gifts, His blessings of prosperity will truly overtake you!
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