How to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Jealous in a Way That Will Cause Her to Want You Back

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How to make your ex girlfriend jealous...
many men have pondered this question, and usually for a very specific reason.
While there are a few men out there who just want "revenge" on their ex girlfriend, most guys want to know how to make their ex girlfriend jealous because they know that jealousy is one of the most powerful human emotions, and can cause their ex girlfriend to spiral into an obsession with them all over again.
Indeed, jealously can often be the key to making your ex girlfriend to want you again; when used correctly.
In this article, I'm going to tell you about the PROPER way to go about making your ex girlfriend jealous.
Jealousy can be a double edged sword.
While a jealous ex girlfriend is sure to think of you non-stop and eventually cause herself to fall for you all over again, if at any point you make it obvious or let it slip that you are INTENTIONALLY trying to make your ex girlfriend jealous, the plan will backfire completely.
I've seen it happen time and time again.
How do you avoid that fatal mistake and make your girlfriend jealous? It's simple.
Play it natural.
You have to ACTUALLY make her jealous for REAL reasons, rather than "faking it.
" They key to this is understanding that you are an attractive man with traits that women are interested in, or you never would have had a girlfriend in the first place! If your ex girlfriend wanted to be with you, you can make other women want to be with you.
Getting real attention from other women is the key to making your ex jealous.
Attempts at "faking it" will usually be transparent and backfire, making you seem insecure and needy.
An insecure and needy man has the attractiveness of Rosie O' Donnell to a woman.
So you have to be careful not to mess this up! So, how to make your ex girlfriend jealous? Instead of PRETENDING that you are being showered with attention to make her jealous, actually put yourself out there and make her jealous for REAL reasons.
It's easier than you think, in today's day and age.
But first, I have to give you a warning.
Before you attempt to make your ex girlfriend jealous, you have to be sure that you really want her back.
Too many guys make the mistake of using these tactics, and then actually stop wanting their girlfriend back...
but by then it's too late! An ex girlfriend who is jealous will become more obsessed with you than ever.
She'll even start to treat you like a king again.
Basically, be sure that you really want your ex girlfriend back before you try and make her jealous -- because it works.
Almost too well.
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