Can Alternative Medicine Help With Diabetes?

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Lately, you have been out of your element.
There is a disturbing feeling of tiredness.
After a check up with a doctor, the revelation could never be as surprising.
The condition is borderline diabetes.
Keeping your diet in check prevented a full-fledged diabetes.
The doctor advised to watch what you eat, monitor blood sugar, and all will be fine.
There is no guarantee however.
One simple task is trying alternative medicine, including herbs.
Man has suffered from diabetes since time immemorial.
And since allopathic treatment was not available at that time, ancient man had a more natural solution to treat diabetes - herbs.
Natural diabetes treatments are effective because the herbs are all natural minus the usual side effects.
Inserting some of these herbs in a daily dietary intake would contribute to better health in just a short time.
Here is a list of herbs that could be used as alternative medicine.
* Cayenne * Cinnamon * Huckleberry * Yarrow * Banaba - A natural plant insulin * Licorice Extract * Guggle * Bitter Melon - Regulates blood sugar * Juniper Berries * Vanadyl Sulfate These herbs are surprisingly inexpensive to help fight diabetes.
Instead of a daily dose of insulin injections, herbs will be worth whatever price you paid.
Pharmaceutical companies and the FDA are expected to conceal such relevant information from the public; although the tremendous reputation of alternative medicine will not be held secret for long.
Especially as diabetes responds more to alternative treatment.
Pre-diabetes/borderline diabetes is just as serious as a full-fledged diabetes.
It demands lifestyle changes, plus the support of natural herbal remedies to keep blood sugar in check.
And upon recognizing its effects, alternative medicine could be used as a precaution against the development of Type 2 diabetes.
Insulin injection presents its own drawback.
It may interfere with other prescription drugs altering the effects.
There are no herbal substitutes for them just like birth control pills.
The safest methods for blood sugar management for diabetes are natural herbs.
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