Energy Efficient Heating

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Energy efficient heating systems are the most desired home comfort solution nowadays. One of the obvious reasons why these are so much in demand is that these systems can help you reduce your utility bills to a great extent. Also, the units which are equipped with higher energy efficiency levels consume less electricity or other sources such as gas, oil, or coal to function properly. However in order to derive maximum benefit from these systems, you need to keep certain points in mind. Some of these points are discussed below to help you pick an ideal energy-efficient solution for your home.

You will come across a variety of heating systems in the market. However these can be grouped under two main categories under the broad classification. These include the choice of portable heaters and fixed heaters. Majority of portable heaters run on electricity. The portable electric heaters can further be divided into fan heaters, oil-filled radiators, halogen heaters and convector heaters. As far as the fixed options are concerned, the choices under this category include electric heater and gas heater. The fixed electric heaters are of two main types such as wall mounted fan heaters and panel heaters. The options in gas heaters comprise glass-fronted, radiant, flueless and open flame.

All of these systems have their own pros and cons. So in order to by an energy efficient heating system, you need to evaluate their positive and negative aspects well based on your home requirements.

Other than the types, you should also focus on some important features of your heating system. For instance while buying a high efficiency heating system, you need to see if it has automatic temperature control feature. This feature makes temperature monitoring easy as you don't have to turn your system on or off to get quality heating output. Also, since the temperature can be controlled or regulated as required, you can avoid the issue of overheating hassle-free.

Another feature that can be considered in a unit equipped with high energy-efficiency is its zonal heating control system. This feature allows you to control the temperature of each area separately. To be precise, you can use zonal control system to set the temperature of a particular area based on its usage. If an area is frequently used, you can set its temperature at high and if it's rarely used, you can lower its temperature. This in turn enables you to make best use of energy sources without causing any wastage. For small house, you can choose a 2 zone system and for a larger space, a 4 zone system is ideal.
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