Have You Calculated Your Carbon Footprint Yet?

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Since the 1850's, industry and technology have grown at an exponential rate.
This has lead to an incredible improvement of our everyday lives.
But it is not without consequences.
The life expectancy will not lengthen anymore and it is said that in twenty years there will not be enough aviation fuel to support the air traffic.
If you want to travel all around the world, you'd better do it now! Global warming is one of the main issues of this 21st century.
We hear so much about it that it arouses our green conscious.
As a result, we recycle, try to save petrol, energy, water and recently a carbon tax has been implemented in several Western countries.
Even though it will not resolve the whole problem, everyone can try to make efforts at his their own level.
Does it really make a difference? If you want to know how much carbon dioxide you have generated in the past twelve months, use the carbon footprint calculator (available at carbonfootprint.
com ).
Just fill in the tabs giving details about your house consumption, about your use of means of transportation and about personal details.
The calculator will tell you how many tonnes of CO2 you have emitted.
What are the basic things we can do in our everyday lives to lessen the climate change impact? It is necessary to deeply change our habits, for example, stop taking the car and using public transportation.
Car-pooling might be a solution to avoid having only one person per car.
Another alternative is the bike.
Bike's do not pollute and they are a great form of exercise.
Air travel is no longer a necessity but the volume of air traffic keeps growing and it is the largest source of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.
In Europe, High-speed rails absorb part of the traffic but it is not enough.
A lot of business trips could be avoided by alternative solutions such as teleconferencing.
So why don't you take some time to calculate your carbon footprint and think how you could reduce it?
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