Kentucky Home School Laws

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    • Parents must send a letter to the local school superintendent that says they have established a home school. They also must provide the names, ages and home address of each child attending the home school. Parents should send the notification within the first two weeks of school.

    Instructional Requirements

    • Home schools must provide instruction in English in all areas children study, as outlined by Kentucky state law. The required subjects are reading, writing, spelling, grammar, history, math and civics. A home school should provide 177 instructional days, with at least six hours of instruction per day.


    • Home school instructors must keep a record of grades for each required subject, as well as an attendance record. These records should be maintained for each child in the home school. They may be kept on paper or on a computer, and they must be easily available upon request. It is also recommended that home school instructors compile a yearly portfolio for each child. The portfolio should include samples of work in each subject. These records will help document that the home school is meeting state requirements, and they also may aid in transferring children to other types of schools.


    • Officials of the Kentucky Department of Education, directors of pupil personnel, and officials of the Cabinet for Families and Children have the authority to visit home schools and inspect school records. Directors of pupil personnel in each school district are authorized to visit home schools to verify compliance with attendance laws, but not to make judgments about the quality of the education being provided. If preferred, school records may be inspected at a neutral site instead of in the home. The state's Cabinet for Health Services may regulate matters related to communicable diseases, sanitation and safety. According to the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), no one may enter or inspect a home school without an authorized adult's consent.

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