Focusing on One Task Or Multitasking

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Today, there are a lot of self improvement e-books and courses available, and some of them are promoting multitasking.
Multitasking is completing two or more tasks at the same time in order to increase your productivity.
In short; to do more tasks in less time.
Basically, it works wonderful on a paper.
But in reality, when there are so many distractions, when it's hard to switch focus from one thing to another, is that really possible? I, personally, don't believe that multitasking is good solution.
I believe that one should focus on one thing, get it done and then move on to something else.
And I've got reason for that.
From my experience, it's hard to switch focus from one task to another.
That of course depends a lot on what are we actually doing.
But generally, by switching tasks, job that I complete loses quality because I worry too much about different things.
What I'm saying that, when you focus on something, you have to do it and after that you can focus on something else.
While you are focused on one task, that task has to be the whole world to you.
For example, while you are talking to someone, don't talk on a phone or do something like that.
Give your full attention to a speaker.
Remove everything else from the brain and concentrate on his words and on the meaning of those words.
That way you can ask questions and get rid of all misunderstandings right there at the beginning.
Also, by focusing on only one thing you will increase your productivity because your completed tasks are of high quality.
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