Make Diet Easy

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People are creatures of habit as well as creatures that seek out the path of least resistance.
This makes developing new habits a challenge but also gives us clues as to how we can more easily develop new habits, in this case exercise and weight loss.
I will discuss how to make diet easy in this post and examine strategies for making exercise easy in another post.
This list is not exhaustive but it can at least get you on the start to thinking about how to simplify your diet.
Commit to not eating out and stick to it, it doesn't have to be for life just long enough to make a difference, say a week or two to start out with.
This one simple change will eliminate numerous calories as well as temptations and opportunities to gorge.
If you do go out to eat, order a box with your meal and before you even chow down put at least half of the meal in the box.
Rid your house home of all junk, snack food, or any other temptation food.
Plan your daily meals ahead of time and stick to that plan.
Have a daily caloric goal or max that you will not exceed.
Figure out what you need to eat to reach that goal and allocate your food choices based on this throughout the day.
Give up certain things like fried food, pizza, alcohol that are notoriously calorically dense and nutrient poor and often lead to overeating.
Keep a diary of what you eat.
This may not seem easy at first but there is a learning curve and once you get good at cataloging food and develop a good system for doing this it becomes a very powerful tool.
This simple task can have a profound effect on your overall success.
Cataloging is used by virtually all body builders, figure athletes or anyone looking for quick effective results.
Recognize where your weak areas are and environmentally engineer your surroundings to make success easier for yourself.
You will follow the path of least resistance and making the decision to make these practices habits will lead to a new you.
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