GOP Healthcare Reform Constitutional Challenge Encourages Irresponsible Behavior For Corporate Gain

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Those who continue to fight healthcare reform on constitutional grounds must be cognizant of what they are actually fighting for.
They are fighting about the irresponsible' s right to be irresponsible and not purchase healthcare insurance while ignoring the right of those who are forced to pay for the healthcare of the irresponsible who could have otherwise afford insurance.
The premiums of the responsible are involuntarily increased.
The taxes of the responsible are involuntarily increased.
Those that have a blind faith in the letter of the law in the constitution must realize that the framers of the constitution lived in a different time and in those times had many prejudices and problems we have since overcome.
The founders could not have imagined cars, computers, medical procedures, and much more.
They were wise in making the document fungible and/or amendable.
Neither should the founders be considered infallible.
After all, that document for a long time considered me 3/5 of a person, did not allow women to vote, and had many other arcane rules.
For much too long we have allowed corporate interest and other special interest to use the constitution to block policies that they deemed not beneficial to them.
This must not be allowed as it corrupts the entire premise of the country going forward.
We must cherish the good in the Constitution.
That said, we must not allow the document to be a restriction on progress beneficial to all Americans simply to protect the few whose interests are solely the continued pilfering of the middle class.
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