And The Body Disappered

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And The Body Disappeared

The body disappeared and I became a soul.

Merging in the soul I was striving for my goal.

With the soul I was managing every thing and being with love.

I was viewing my life from the stand point of my soul.


I was equipped with all the divine qualities.

In my surroundings I was seeing bright and glorious light.

In each of my thoughts,words and deeds I was experiencing perfection and beauty.

I was seeing only light moving and coming toward me.


With the powers of my soul,in a beautiful manner I was managing the things and beings.

Imbibing all the good qualities of the divine I was walking on the path of life.

Remaining at the soul level I was transacting with the things and beings.

In each of my thoughts,words and deeds I was seeing the smiles of the divine.


I was far away from my sorrows,agonies,anxieties and grief.

Becoming peaceful and blissful I was facing the challenges of life.

I was experiencing the divine glories remaining above the worldly chaos and conflicts.

More I was merging in my soul more my mind was becoming serene and tranquil.


Mind was mingling with the soul injecting in me the divine qualities.

I was serving all my customers with love and smiles.

There was no trace of worldly passion within me.

I was forgetting my brain,body and mind.


All the agonies and the pain had taken a decent burial.

Beautifully I was fighting the battle of life overcoming the struggles.

I was not feeling tired and dejected amidst intense activities.

I was moving on the path of life all the time remaining contented and happy.


I was fearing at nothing and was stopping at nothing.

I was able to carry out all the works beautifully experiencing innumerable powers within me.

All the works were seeming to me easy and within my reach.

Learning the secrets of works I was becoming more experienced in my life.


Rationality was predominant in all my activities.

With perfect decisions and planning I was loving my life.

I was not trying to leave such an unique experience in this world of chaos and conflicts.

Seeing the people around,my mind was being filled with love and smiles.


Feeling perfect perfection in all my thoughts,words and deeds I was fighting the battle of life.

Inter coursing with my own soul I was feeling within a divine thrill.

Vibrating with the beauties of my soul I was enjoying the things and beings.

I was offering my gratitude to the Lord for giving me the consciousness of the divine.


I was unattached to all the worldly attractions and was serving my family,organization and society with a pure,subtle and concentrated mind.

I was forgetting all my sexual passions and was converting all the desires in to love and compassion of the divine.

As I was maturing in the soul consciousness I was perfectly doing my activities.

All my desires were spontaneously being fulfilled.


I was being spontaneously motivated in each moment of my life.

I was feeling eternal silence delving deep within.

I was not finding my body and was only experiencing divine light.

My anger was being converted to love and smiles.


Under the star filled sky and the full moon I was seeing myself to be a pure white light.

That light had guided me since my early childhood.

I was being overwhelmed seeing my own light in my mid fifties.

That light was all the time protecting me from all the adverse winds.


I was dreaming a huge source of light in my deep sleep.

From that source I was constantly deriving my powers and was feeling bright.

That light was showing me all the divine glories.

Loving that light I was getting the fragrance of life.


I was not feeling my body and experiencing only the soul I was becoming afresh and alive.

I am the soul unborn,undying and the sword can not touch me.

Feeling as a soul I was moving to fight the battle of life.

Remaining as a soul through out the battle I was forgetting all the passions of my body.


I was being able to fulfill all my hopes and dreams.

Within me I was experiencing the smiles of the divine.

Moving around the globe I was praying for the welfare of the entire mankind.

The soul consciousness was all the time giving me many happy days in life.


One day I will become a soul and leave my body.

Before that living as a soul I was becoming contented and happy.

I was forgetting my age and body and was all the time feeling vibrant,young and dynamic.

Loving the creations of the Lord and merging in the beauties of the nature I was becoming pure and perfect in each moment of my life.
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