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Finding the perfect painting for your home decor is not always easy. If you're an art lover, you probably have a difficult time choosing among the many great paintings available. Many art fans choose oil reproduction paintings instead of originals to get the painting they want at a reasonable price. Oil reproductions are beautiful hand-painted recreations of famous paintings from the past. But even when buying reproductions, choosing the right one can be tough.

Below are several factors to consider before purchasing an oil painting reproduction.

Where Will You Hang the Painting?

If you plan to hang the painting in your home, determine a location before making your purchase. Will it hang in the living area, dining area, near stairs, or in a hallway? Will the painting hang on a wall that's free of other decor items or furnishings? How much space is available to hang the painting? Knowing this information up front will give you an idea of what style and size painting you'll need.

Write a "Must Have" List Before Shopping

Before you begin your search for a painting, write a list of all the decor requirements it should meet. Here are some questions to get your wheels turning.

1. What color patterns dominate the room where it will hang?
2. Do you want the painting to create a certain mood in the room?
3. Will the painting need to complement other paintings or photos in the room?
4. What style frame will it need?

Choose by Artist

Perhaps you have a favorite artist, and you're thinking of buying a reproduction of their work. There are many ways to find painting reproductions by your favorite artist. Internet technology makes searching for specific paintings easier than ever, and you can usually find what you're looking for quickly. You can search online by artist or theme, or both. For example, search for ballet scenes by Edgar Degas by typing in search keywords about ballet along with the artist's name.

Another way to find reproductions is to contact art reproduction companies using a directory until you find the painting you're looking for. You might be able to order the painting by mail or online if it's not available in your immediate area.

Never Sacrifice Quality

One primary reason art collectors and fans love art reproductions is the quality. Art reproductions aren't merely copies or prints of the originals. Experienced artists use special skills to study and hand paint each reproduction the way the original artist created it. Look for excellent quality and close comparativeness to the original before buying a reproduction to get the finest possible painting.

Art reproductions will make a great addition to your art collection and home decor. Keep these tips in mind, and you'll enjoy your painting for years to come.
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