Functional Training is Not a Fad

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Many of us, no doubt, remember the "good old days" when working out or training simply meant doing some stretches, some weight training and maybe a little bit of cardio on the stationary bike or rowing machine.
Now, thanks to the media and a renewed interest in health and fitness, we have had the opportunity to discover all kinds of new and powerful training methods, which appear to be designed to improve our overall performances -both on and off the sports field.
In fact, one of the most effective and practical types of training is called functional training.
What is so interesting about this type of training is that it was actually "born" as a method of rehabilitating athletes who suffered from injuries.
The "theory" behind the process dictated that by teaching the "proper" way of executing a movement - you would spare yourself and your muscles a lot of pain and further serious injury.
This worked very well in rehabilitation and, the entire concept was actually brought one step further, by teaching body and muscles to do the movement properly in the first place, thereby, hopefully, avoiding serious injuries all together.
Of course, some people, in the fitness world, claim that functional training is simply another fad however the benefits of this exercise technique have been very well documented and are certainly worth taking a look at: •Seriously improves your endurance; •Seriously increases your overall strength by building muscles slowly and gradually; •Improves your balance and your stamina; •Offers you more self assurance - knowing that your body has been trained to execute a range of motions correctly - thereby alleviating the fear of serious injury; •More overall grace - standing taller; •Improved overall health; Functional training is all about strengthening those muscles that you use everyday - even when you don't realize you are doing it - and it all starts with your core muscles.
Working this muscle group will actually improve your entire body, as they are responsible for keeping you up upright and in balance.
As you tone the core, you may actually feel as though you have physically grown - this is because your alignment, balance and motion are all working as "one".
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