3 Highly Effective Ways to Speed Up Metabolism

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The argument about ways to speed up metabolism is always among the lips of fitness experts.
The debate is strong and fierce on what can one do to boost their metabolism so that one can increase their calorie burn and eventually lose weight.
If you are one of those that want to find out on methods to rev up your fat burning engine, you came to the right place.
I would like to share with you 3 effective ways that you could implement today in order to jack up your metabolism and start burning loads of body fat! Lets start with some techniques that you can do physically and then move on to tips and tricks that involve foods.
Doing high intensity weight training is a killer way to speed up metabolism.
What do I actually mean by high intensity weight training? Advance training techniques like super sets, drop sets and tri-sets forms the concept of high intensity weight training.
Your heart rate will be jacked up sky high by implementing these weight training techniques and this will lead to a phenomenon called EPOC which also known as excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption.
According to a research, high intensity weight training speeds up metabolism in the subjects tested but not only that.
The metabolic gain lasted for 16 hours after exercise! This huge gain in metabolism could not be ignored! Speeding up metabolism with high intensity interval training can really produce eye-boggling results! Yes, this method of cardiovascular training puts tremendous pressure on the body and forces it to undergo the EPOC as well.
A high intensity interval training can be completed within a short and sweet 20 minutes as appose to the traditional training which requires 45 minutes or more.
Not only it saves you time, it produces amazing results as well by boosting your metabolism.
10 intervals of 1 minutes sprint and 1-minute jog makes up the high intensity interval training or HITT.
For example, start off by jogging for 1 minute.
Then, at the second minute, sprint as fast as you could and as soon as you reach the third minutes, lower down the speed and jog again until you reach the fourth minute.
Repeat the same process until you completed 10 rounds.
Do this workout at least 3 times a week for optimum results.
Altering your diet would be your next step to boosting your metabolism.
Consume more protein would be the next step for you to take.
Consuming more protein will help speed up your metabolism because the body requires more calories to digest protein compared to carbohydrates.
Stick to low fat protein.
Go for lean meats like chicken, turkey and fish.
Fish contains loads of omega-3, which can help boost your health too.
You now have specifically three action steps to take.
In summary, you would need to include high intensity weigh training into your workout routine.
Next, you need to do HITT for your cardiovascular training but all that would not mean a thing if you do not understand the law of weight loss.
Briefly, the law of weight loss needs to be understood and followed if you really want to lose body fat and get your dream body.
The law of weight loss states the frequency of exercise, the intensity, the type of training and also the time.
If you want really get ripped, you need to understand these principles.
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