You Aren"t Just A Speaker You"re Running A Business By James Malinchak

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Did you know that based on small business statistics, most small businesses are bankrupt within the 12-18 months of starting? You might be wondering, "So what does this have to do with me?" It's quite easy. You should understand one VERY pertinent fact about being a speaker, which is: "You are running a business!" That is right! Each and every business is in operation to make money! That is right! Most people in business desire to generate revenue and make a profit. Then, wouldn't it make sense to concentrate on: "Extracting as much revenue from every transaction?" The answer is YES!

See, there is so much more to this game than just speak and get paid. That's thinking just like a speaker. I want you to change how you view yourself. Do not think like a speaker, think like a marketer! If you do, then I promise you'll make A LOT more revenue. My thought process regarding every speaking engagement is to get booked, then seek out opportunities to make as much money as possible from each and every booking!

That's how you should be thinking, too! Make the decision, embrace this way of thinking, and push yourself to practice applying it again and again until it becomes a habit. Among my key phrases is, "ABM = Always Be Marketing." The truth is, when you go to one of my Boot Camps or Trainings, you'll see a big blue sign with those words on it hanging up directly behind the stage. I market with just about everything I do and send. Why? Well, I am running a business.

The Reason Why I Do What I Do? A lot of people ask me why I am so passionate about teaching people the insider secrets to making Big Money as a speaker. Why wouldn't I just hoard everything I've learned on how to go from scratch to millions a year, so I can keep a massive market advantage?

Well, instead of a long explanation, the comments I recently received (reprinted below) pretty much sum up why I love teaching speakers how to make Big Money... Now Kevin gives me lots of credit, but do you want to know the actual truth? The person that Kevin ought to be thanking is Kevin himself. The thing is, I supplied the resources, the experience, the tools, as well as the techniques, but none of them would've done any good at all if Kevin didn't take action. That's what gets me fired up!

Kevin took the recipe that he learned from me, and he applied it. Today he's making more money than he ever imagined as a public speaker. He was sensible enough to invest in himself, and now he's enjoying the benefits, which brings me to you. I hope chances are you are smart enough to show you to make some big bucks as a coach, consultant, info-preneur, speaker, author, and trainer. Actually, the same chance that made Kevin all that cash is open to you right now at this very minute. Plus, you will see that previously mentioned I made use of the word investment.
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