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A Texas holdem flop are the three cards that are dealt on the table face up after the two pocket cards are given to the players. For all beginners, there are a number of factors you need to consider when deciding which hands to play in playing limit Texas holdem before the flop are dealt.

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First of all, you need to determine if the table is tight or loose. You can call a game a tight one if there are only few players involve usually about two to three people, see the flop on average and then fold after the flop. Even if you are an expert player, there is almost no reason to play in such games. Meanwhile, a loose game is usually where you want to be. In this type of game the players that are participating at the table see the flop and tend to go too far with their hands.

One of the most important factors you also need to take into account is the number of players that are in the pot before you.
There will be a bigger opportunity for you to play more drawing hands if many players see the flop. In general, more players would result in bigger pots since, the more players in the pot the higher the pot odds become.

You also have to take into consideration if the pot has been raised, if so from what player and position. You must have a very good hand to call with or get excellent pot odds if a player has raised before the flop. It is not a good move to call raises in middle position with hands like AJ not suited and KQ off suit.

Your position plays a very important role on your success of winning the game. The positions are counted from the dealer's button. The worst position is the player next to the big blind due to the fact that he will be the first to act and will more likely to commit mistakes, because he will not have enough information compared to the players acting in late position. On the other hand, the best position is on the button, since a player acting in this position will already have the information he wants to know.

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