Ideas for Candy Grams for Athletes

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    Using the Name

    • There are certain candies that have names which can be used in a poem or letter. For example, if the athlete is a baseball player, using the Baby Ruth candy bar in a poem along with actually giving the athlete a Baby Ruth bar is a great idea. If the athlete is getting paid for playing the sport you can use the name Pay Day in the letter or poem.


    • Another great way to use candy grams for athletes is to create something out of the candy in addition to giving a letter or poem. Using Kit Kat bars is an easy way to create a small structure. Kit Kat bars, when each wafer is taken a part, is much like a log. Therefore, it would be easy to make a baseball bat or a basket ball goal out of a packet of Kit Kat bars. You can also use marshmallows and gummy bears because these candies are smaller and easier to use to build.


    • Creating a package that can hold your candy and poem or letter is also a great way of using the candy gram idea for an athlete. For example, if an athlete has a really big game coming up, he or she could use a little bit of laughter or encouragement to get the butterflies out. Leaving a message on a "sneaker" box which says, "please do not forget to pick up your Snickers" can get a laugh out of them and help them relax, assuming they like Snickers bars.


    • In order to deliver your poem or letter, you can use candy. For example, you can use Twizzlers as string to hang a poem or letter on. Another idea is to use a Pez dispenser to deliver candies that have personal messages on them, much like the infamous valentines candy hearts. The opportunities are seemingly endless.

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