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In a time where very few of the products we buy in this country are made in this country there is a TV show on the air that makes everything own their own.
That show is the Discover Channel's highest rated show, "American Chopper".
There is a tremendous following for this show and I think it is easy to see why.
This show is not just about motorcycles, it is the ultimate in reality TV.
Even people who are not into motorcycles enjoy this show and I think it is because they can relate to the show in one way or another.
Either they are fascinated by the workmanship displayed by Paul Jr.
and Vinny, on the theme bikes they build.
Or they have been a part of a dysfunctional family at some point in their life.
Or, maybe they even work for a boss that thinks he/she knows what he/she is talking about all the time, even when he/she really does not.
I started watching this show because I was always amazed at how the bikes turned out.
Paul Jr.
comes up with some amazing ideas for his bikes.
The paint jobs on the bikes are unbelievable as well.
It is simply amazing what they are able to do with some metal and tools.
After a few episodes I found myself laughing at the people and enjoying that part just as much as I enjoyed the end result of the bikes.
If you examine the family, they are a real life family.
They fight like some families, if not worse.
Paul Sr.
has been divorced, he has used drugs in the past, he has one son that helps run the business and build bikes while the other one shows up to work late, has no motivation to succeed or get ahead.
I understand we only get to see what the editors want us to see but if you have seen them in an interview they basically say that what you see is what you get.
They are a typical real-life family.
(except now they are famous and get to give their mother/grandmother the opportunity to meet the Yankees which has been a dream of hers.
) Paul Sr.
as a boss?I think most people can see things in him that they see in their boss.
He always thinks he knows it all.
He likes to remind people that it is his way or the highway and that he is the boss.
And, he really does not appear to do any work himself, while always professing he is so busy.
Once again, I realize we only see what the editors want us to see.
In order for him to make his business as successful as it has become he must be doing something right.
But, we are watching the show and the dynamics involved on the show and this is what the audience gets to see.
We see Paul Sr.
yelling, swearing, hitting things, and then he goes into his office and sits back in his chair and puts his feet up on the desk.
All the things mentioned above are factors in why the show is so popular, in my opinion.
There is one other reason I feel it is so popular and that is because it shows that it is possible to become a success in this country if you work at it and make good decisions.
It gives hope.
You do not need to graduate from Harvard to become rich.
You can be a steel worker, a painter, an electrician, or an accountant.
Opportunity is endless in this country.
American Chopper's success was "Made In America" and yours can be too.
This shows supports the motto I live by which is; "To be a success you do not always have to work the hardest, you need to work the smartest.
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