How to Plan the Perfect Relaxing Weekend Getaway For Yourself!

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The first thing you should do is don't plan.
That's right, you heard that correctly.
Don't plan.
If you are wanting to get away from it all for just a couple of days it's usually because you want to also get away from all the stress of the week.
So planning is just another stress task, so don't plan! Think of it this way, if you don't plan anything, then nothing can go wrong to ruin it! Simply decide that you are going to go somewhere for the weekend, don't commit to yourself where that's going to be and don't make any reservations for anything.
Most importantly forget the schedules, check in times, Facebook, Twitter, the cell phone...
shut it off (take it with you in case of an emergency but leave it off otherwise), the iPod or MP3 player, leave it.
No video games, no computer, forget it.
Next make sure to pack lightly, just take a few items with you that you will need like a couple of outfits, your personal hygiene and no much else.
That's why it's called packing lightly.
You want to be able to be free of all stress and all distractions.
After you have done this, be spontaneous.
There is nothing like be truly spontaneous.
It's one of the best ways to discover things that you simply didn't know existed.
For a perfect getaway you need to be completely free.
You need to let the inner child out and play, let how you feel and what you crave at the moment lead the way.
Just get in the car and pick a direction to go.
Keep on driving until you find somewhere that feels new to you or fresh, somewhere that you have never explored before and you think might be an interesting place to stop and check out.
Find a place to stay, if it's booked, no big deal move onto the next one, there is bound to be somewhere that is not booked up, especially if you aren't going during a busy tourist season.
And if you've chosen to stay somewhere off the beaten path, you shouldn't have any problems finding somewhere to stay the night.
Get out and explore the place you have chosen to visit, mingle with the people that live there and don't be shy.
Talk with people, don't be judgmental, take them for the sincerity that may be in their hearts not for how they look.
Enjoy the moment getting to know a little bit about what makes the place you have stopped at tick.
Enjoy everything that is around you wherever you may have stopped.
Check out any museum they may have, small mom and pop shops, take in a movie, if they have any kind of festivity going on, join in and experience what the locals experience.
Whatever you do, simply have fun and forget about everything at home for a couple of days, it will all be there when you get back.
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