Working with Infrared Grills from Solaire: Discovering the Conveniences That You Can Get

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In one of the posts from the Botsford Blog, Annie House, a registered dietician, describes the four benefits of grilling: vegetables keep in more minerals and vitamins; there's no necessity to put in oil or butter since high-heat cooking holds on to more moisture, which keeps the meat tender; meats seal in essential vitamins like riboflavin and thiamine; and excess fat drips away. Just by looking at these, one can already see exactly why grilling is popular, and why it's also considered as the best American pastime. Not only is it a no-fuss cooking method, but one that is healthy as well.

With today's technological improvements, though, grilling is moving into the sophisticated zone: infrared grilling such as the portable grills from Solaire . Although this technique still uses natural gas or propane, just like conventional gas grills, it has numerous advantages over gas (as well as charcoal) grilling.

Compared to ordinary grilling that makes use of convection cooking—where hot air is what cooks food—infrared grills make use of thermal radiation. This means that food is directly cooked by the heated ceramic tiles, and not air. What this creates are even cooking and no flame ups (which are normally created when fat drips into the fire).

Infrared provides higher cooking temperatures, as high as 700 degrees, which can reportedly be achieved in as short as seven minutes. This is helpful for effectively searing meat; the meat browning process of searing comes about at temperatures between 300 to 500 F.

The place people call home can in fact be anywhere, as the famous adage goes, home is where the heart is. A large number of people will still seek the common homelike comforts of a soft and warm bed and a square meal—and the latter might be owed to a grill, it doesn't matter if you live in a high-end high-rise or a humble bungalow.

The speed wherein heat is attained subsequently minimizes both the ignition and cooking time. Therefore, infrared grills, as compared to traditional grills, take up less fuel and certainly save more time. In addition, given the faster cooking time, these types of infrared grills from Solaire, for example, allow meat to retain more nutrients and fluids, which allow for more tasty, mouth-watering food.

With approximately 75 % of American families possessing a grill, it goes without saying that grilling as an activity is here to stay. What is exciting is that as technological breakthroughs crop up, the simple procedure of cooking meat over a grill will likewise become more sophisticated. To go over more on the benefits of infrared grills, see
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