Problems With a Whirlpool Refrigerator Ice Maker

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    Ice Bucket

    • If you are not getting ice through the dispenser, then check the ice bucket to make sure that it is installed in the correct position. When removing the ice bucket check to see if ice cubes have frozen together. If so, shake the bin to separate them so they may fit through the dispenser chute. Check to see if ice is frozen to the auger in the ice bin, which would not allow it to turn and break away those ice cubes. Replace the ice bin in the proper position until it clicks into place. Examine the delivery chute for more than one ice cube that would jam it and clear the jam.

    Other Ice

    • It is not recommended to place other ice cubes from either ice trays or bagged ice from the store into the ice bin. The difference in shape and size can jam the delivery chute or melt and refreeze around the auger. If you do put different ice in the bin, it is best to take ice out manually instead of using the automatic dispenser. If other ice is added and no ice will dispense, then check the items above.

    Dispenser Arm

    • Whirlpool ice makers are meant for filling several glasses at a time, however, if the dispenser arm is held too long without releasing it and filling a large object, it will quit dispensing ice. Release the dispenser arm and wait three minutes for it to reset. This is a safety factor that reduces stress on the dispensing motor. If you want to fill a large item with ice, it is best to simply remove the ice bin and then replace it.

    Water Filter

    • When the water filter needs to be changed you will notice a red light inside the refrigerator. If the filter is not changed for several weeks it will not allow water to enter the ice maker and will not produce ice. It is recommended to change your water filter every six months to ensure the best tasting water.


    • Make sure that the freezer door is closed tightly and there are no items impeding the closure. If the door isn't tight, the ice dispenser will not work due to the temperature not being cold enough to produce ice. An older freezer will at some time need the door seal replaced when it becomes dry or brittle and doesn't seal well. If all of these items fail to help you, there is an online representative for Whirlpool available 24/7 at who can help you.

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