Considerations For a Recession-Proof Christian Life

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Luke 14:28: For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it? As you pay your debts faster...
you live very frugally for a while...
postpone that vacation, sell off that extra car..
it does look so terrible but it is bearable and the future gains will come.
Soon you become an investor with savings working for you.
There are Dos and Donts and questions to consider.
Does Christ have absolute Lordship over your finances? Have you formed an attachment to the person of Christ that is revolutionary...
erasing past life and transformed your life and character...
leaving no area untouched...
making Christ the supreme interest of your life? This will transform your tastes and appetites for consumption.
Do you love the friends of the cross and the crucified life? Missionaries, true men of God, caring for missionaries and spiritual leaders and do I hate those that hate the crucified life and spirituality ...
that country club subscription and the expensive wardrobe will soon be unnecessary.
Do you suffer the rejection and stigma that taking up your cross brings or has Christianity been fun? This will draw you closer to God and help you discover His unmatchable embrace and comfort.
It leads to the sanctified life, the deeper life of personal rediscovery of God and regular devotion and guidance? 4.
Do not emphasise testimonies of gain and personal issues - learn to love God when answers are delayed.
Do not trivialise the cost and sacrifice ...
as we are called to be a living sacrifice...
pleasing God is not always cheap.
Do not focus on external things/seen things.
Your real life is your hidden life that no one sees.
The initial stages are the toughest but things will be better for you if you take the bitter pills now.
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