Kerry vs. Statement of Arrogance

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Kerry vs.
Statement of Arrogance To American Soldiers in Iraq It never fails, when one person says something wrong, or I suppose, not too smart, as did Kerry recently with the statement he said he got wrong, read wrong, memorized wrong, and said wrong, now he blames this person and that person, we often reach out to blame whomever we can find, to distract ones responsibility.
He said what he said, but he may not have meant what he said.
Too many people want perfect statements, and you can't read them, if you want to look smart, you got to memorize them, and talk slow, to insure they come out correct.
No matter what, he said an insulting thing to educated troops.
I have, like him, spent time in Vietnam, and I presume more time, from what I've read about his Vietnam experience.
Thus, I have a right, like him to say what I want to say.
He bashes Bush for not spending time in a war zone, inferring I believe he should have the right to say what he wants.
It is not hard to figure out: "If you don't (get smart), you get stuck in Iraq.
" That is what he said.
It was true for Vietnam, if you were not in college, you'd end up most likely in Vietnam (in my day), and so many kids ran to college, or if you were Married before 1966, or in 1965, you would not have to go, if I remember right.
But it is not the way life is now, anymore.
The truth of the matter is, he is acting like Bush, arrogant and unbecoming.
And for the troops, he should realize, if indeed he was a true and good soldier, you go on missions, like it or not, it is the way the Army is, I spent 11-years in it.
If you don't like the mission leave, or go AWOL, you have choices.
You don't go against your values, or I don't; the same, you don't go against, your religious principles (usually), if you are really true to them in the first place.
No soldier in Iraq can complain, they are on a mission, and I'm sure, feel the same.
If you joined the Army to cheat them out of a free education, and some lazy time over in Germany, you got a rude awakening, it is not the way life is, and in the Army, you find that out.
I went to Vietnam, perhaps young a foolish, but I believed in the cause, if I had not, I'd have went to Canada I suppose.
So yes, if Kerry is a true soldier, and loves his country as he says he has, or does, he needs to stand up like a man, like a soldier and ask for forgiveness, or go to Canada, or live with what he said, and get pounded by the press; he has choices also, even Canada.
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