James "Whitey" Bulger Marks 10 Years as Federal Fugitive

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Dateline: December, 2004
Just before Christmas of 1994, Winter Hill Gang leader James "Whitey" Bulger was tipped off that a federal warrant for his arrest on charges ranging from racketeering to the murder of 21 people was imminent. By the time the warrant for his arrest was actually issued on Jan. 5, 1995, Bulger had already disappeared from the Boston area. Now as Bulger celebrates ten successful years as a federal fugitive, the Justice Department reports new information on the case gathered by the Bulger Fugitive Task Force.

The Bulger Fugitive Task Force ("BFTF") continues to gather credible information that suggests Bulger and his companion, Catherine Greig, are together and in good health. Since January 1, 2004, approximately 100 individuals that have some likeness to Bulger have been excluded --- approximately half of these were abroad. The BFTF has conducted investigations with the exceptional cooperation of virtually all members of federal, state, and local law enforcement. Extensive liaison relationships have been established with international police departments through the FBI's legal attaché offices located around the world. The BFTF has also received assistance from Interpol.

The investigation into the Winter Hill Gang and its associates, which began in 1991, has resulted in 27 separate cases and the convictions of 59 defendants, including Stephen "the Rifleman" Flemmi, co-leader of the Winter Hill gang, who was sentenced to life in prison, and former FBI Agent John Connolly, who is serving a ten year prison term for tipping off Bulger to the charges in 1995.

Three separate federal indictments are still pending against Bulger charging him with, among other things, racketeering, drug trafficking, obstruction of justice, and money laundering as well as the murder of twenty-one individuals.

The BFTF also developed information leading to the April 2003 conviction of Bulger's brother, John "Jackie" Bulger. John Bulger was convicted of perjury with regard to communicating with Bulger, assisting him in paying for a safety deposit box, and obtaining a false driver's license for Bulber.

At a press conference, the Justice Department presented the following information:
  • A comprehensive time-line of significant events connected to BULGER dating from 1986 when he opened a Bank Account under the alias "Thomas Baxter" in London. This is an alias Bulger had utilized frequently while a fugitive.
  • A map depicting Bulger's travels within the United States and parts of Europe from 1994 to 1996.
  • A map depicting all of the locations within the United States since 1995 where so-called "look-a-like" sightings have been investigated and determined not to be actual sightings of Bulger. Sightings have been reported and investigated in all but six states.
  • A fourth map depicting "look-a-like" investigations since 1995, throughout the rest of the world which have led investigators to five continents.
  • Also photographs were displayed depicting Bulger and Greig as they most likely appear today. The photographs were created with the assistance of the Center for Missing and Exploited Children which shared its photograph aging technology. These new photographs will be posted to the FBI's website as well as distributed to field offices around the country and the world.
  • Also a number of items recovered either through searches or cooperating individuals within the past three years were displayed for the first time. They included: a sampling of the over 300 books that have been recovered by investigators, a majority of which focus on military history, travel, and hobbies such as sailing, coin collecting and dogs, a fanny pouch filled with collectible coins, a personal journal discussing the LSD experiments in which Bulger participated while in federal prison, 4 knives, a skull ring and Bulger's Irish and American passports
    Bulger is a long-time resident of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitive list. The FBI currently offering a $1,000,000 reward for information leading directly to the arrest of James J. Bulger. Bulger's FBI Wanted Poster

    The BFTF is committed to coordinating efforts with law enforcement worldwide to bring about the capture of Bulger. Anyone with information should call the Boston FBI at 617-428-0270 or after hours at the FBI's main number, 617-742-5533.
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