Five Improvements to Consider for Your Server Backup Solution

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Five Considerations: Evaluating Your Server Backup Solution It doesn't matter what size company you are, or what your company does.
Whether you're a five person insurance firm or a manufacturing plant with 1000 workers, your data is your business...
and your backup is the protection of your data.
Consider the following points to assess your current situation: Your backup is only as good as its restore.
Sounds simple, right? But how many routinely check a backup's restore capabilities? How often is a full server restore attempted? A backup that is unable to restore is a backup in name only.
An off-site backup is a true backup.
Having a copy of your data off-site is true safety against any unfortunate incidents or malicious activity.
Don't store your backup in the same place as the original data.
Your daily backups should be reliable and no-touch.
Too much time and money is wasted on troubleshooting backups, configuring software, and paying for licensing.
Select a backup solution that succeeds each day while removing the possibility of human error.
Always secure your backup data.
Most data loss happens internally.
If someone can steal your tapes or USB drive, your protection is not enough.
If an online backup is employed, it should be in a facility you can visit - so you know exactly where your data is stored.
Make your backup investment match your company needs.
Skimping on your solution is probably not the best way to save your company money.
If a particular database is how you run your core business, implement the right solution to protect that data.
In evaluating your current solution or investigating a new one, ensure it qualifies for your specifications.
If you are looking at an online backup, be sure it has a fast initial seed, and has an option to get all your data back swiftly in the event of a disaster.
Make sure the company's core competency is server backups, not workstation backups with a server component.
Find out if the company is reselling a solution, or if they have a facility of their own that you could visit.
Lastly, support is paramount.
If the company is selling a commodity, you will have likely have to go it alone during setup, configuration, and restores.
Be sure to select a company and solution that will be there to support you personally.
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