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Giaretta Winery
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The Family Giaretta, as many of the families of Italian origin located in the Serra Gaucha, has a history of their ancestors to produce grapes and, consequently, artisan producers of wines.

And based on that knowledge, that lasts for decades, generation to generation, which emerged Giaretta Winery, located in the city of Guapor, the Serra Gaucha, very supportive of local wine production.

With its own vineyards, careful cultivation is done by family members, always attentive to the various factors that influence the production of existing varieties, resulting in grapes with a full level of maturity, approaching excellence.

Such excellence is translated into wines with distinctive characteristics, drawn from the union of techniques and modern methods of production, together with the Italian tradition of producing fine wines.
Visit the site where you can learn a bit about the history and wines, sparkling wines and grape juices.

If you want you can go straight to the Virtual Store. Currently marketed are the following:
• Fine Wines: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay. 750ml packaging and bag-in-box three liters.
• Sparkling wines: Muscat and Brut (awarded Silver Medal at the Brussels World Contest and the Contest Sparkling Brazilian VI). Packs of 750ml.
• Table Wines: Dry White and Red, White and Red Smooth. 750ml packaging and bag-in-box three liters.
• Grape Juice 100% Natural Grape Bordeaux (no added water or sugar). Packs of 300ml and 1 liter.
• All above products are also available with custom labels.

Fine Wines
Giaretta fine wines are made from selected grapes, with strict quality control of fruits that are harvested from vineyards located in an area of suitable climate, with farming methods that promote good stroke. Such care results in grapes with excellent ripeness, which is essential for the production of fine wines. The development follows a high standard winemaking, using modern techniques for temperature control and evolution of the wines.
Cabernet Sauvignon
The fine dry red wine Cabernet Sauvignon Giaretta has a deep purple red color, clear appearance. The bouquet reminiscent of ripe red fruit, and aromatic striking. The palate is full bodied, with refined tannins and intense, and being very balanced, has exceptional taste and pleasant persistence.
Operating temperature: 15 to 18 C.
The dry red wine Giaretta fine Merlot has bright ruby red color. The aroma is complex, fine and striking, reminding spices and ripe fruit. It has an impact on taste soft, velvety tannins evolved, producing feelings of pleasant and persistent aftertaste.
Operating temperature: 15 to 18 C.
The fine dry white wine Chardonnay has Giaretta straw yellow color with clear and bright. The aroma is of remarkable intensity, are refreshing and harmonious, with notes of green apple, pineapple and pear and a touch of vanilla. In the mouth expresses balance, good volume and pleasant aftertaste.
Operating temperature: 9-13 ° C.

Table Wines
Giaretta table wines have higher levels of quality, so be prepared with the same techniques of fine wines, from cultivation to care for the stages of winemaking. These wines are ideal for young people served by preserving its features light and aromatic.
Dry Red Table Wine
The Dry Red Table Wine is produced Giaretta from Isabel varietal, with cutting Bordeaux varietal, seeking visual harmony, resulting in bright red. Its aroma is intense, typical of this type of wine, with superior quality and taste, soft and fruity. Exceptional choice for day-to-day.
Operating temperature: 15 to 17 C.
Soft Red Table Wine
The Red Table Wine Giaretta Soft has the same composition of dry red table wine, however, increasing the sugar content to produce a lighter taste and pleasant.
Operating temperature: 15 to 17 C.
Dry White Table Wine
The Dry white table wine from the varietal is Giaretta Niagara, with golden straw color. It is characterized by being a wine of great aromatic potential and visual characteristics and taste very nice. The palate has balanced acidity, intense fruity flavor.
Serving temperature: 8 to 12 C.
Smooth White Table Wine
White Table Wine Giaretta Soft has the same composition of dry white table wine, however, increasing the sugar content to produce a lighter taste and pleasant.
Serving temperature: 8 to 12 C.
Integral Red Grape Juice

Alcoholic graduation: 0%
Composition: 100% Maple
Proper temperature: 10 to 13 C
Description: The grape juice is made integral with selected grapes harvested in vineyards themselves, with intense color purple with violet reflections, owned a Bordeaux grape aroma and a very balanced taste.
Sparkling Brut Giaretta

Bottle Volume: 750ml
Alcohol: 12.0%
Production Country: Brazil
Composition: 85% Chardonnay, 10% Pinot Noir, Riesling Italico 5%
Proper temperature: 4-6C
Description: The Giaretta Brut sparkling wine is made mostly with Chardonnay variety Charmat method and has straw yellow with golden and shiny. Its aroma is persistent and with good complexity, intense fruity. The palate has balanced acidity and a sense of roundness and freshness.
Harmonization: Is it appropriate to accompany appetizers and dishes based on fish and seafood, pastas and risottos, roasts and grilled white meat.
Sparkling Muscat Giaretta

Bottle Volume: 750ml
Alcohol: 7.5%
Production Country: Brazil
Composition: 100% Moscato grapes
Proper temperature: 4-6C
Description: The Giaretta Sparkling Muscat is made from grapes of the variety Moscato from Asti method, with pale yellow with bright green hues. Its aroma is mostly floral with hints of citrus fruits, very aromatic and pleasantly sweet flavor. In the mouth it is smooth, balanced and refreshing.
Matching: Ideal for appetizers, light dishes, appetizers, light fish, desserts, ice cream and fruit.

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