How to Crossbreed Tomatoes

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    • 1). Select two tomato plants with traits you find desirable. Choose the healthiest examples of each species of tomato to encourage the best fruit growth. Avoid plants with wilting leaves, insect infestations or any form of disease.

    • 2). Wait for the tomato plants to produce flowers. Select one plant to be the father plant, and one to be the mother. The mother plant will bear the crossbred fruit.

    • 3). Select a budding flower from the father plant. The flower should not be open yet, and its petals should be yellow. Use tweezers to detach the inner portion of the flower, known as the anther cone. The cone will resemble a small finger poking out of the center of the flower's petals. Pinch the cone off at the base with tweezers and set it onto a clean plate.

    • 4). Allow the pinched cone to set for 24 hours before cutting a slit up the side with a crafting knife. Tap the cone with your finger to deposit the cone's pollen onto the plate. Discard the cone after you have extracted a small amount of pollen.

    • 5). Select a budding flower from the mother plant. Dip the tip of a soft toothbrush into the deposited pollen and brush it across the tip of the flower's cone. Wrap a bread tie loosely around the stem of the flower to mark the crossbred fruit.

    • 6). Care for the mother plant as normal, keeping its soil moist, until the pollinated flower begins to swell and bear fruit. When the tomato is ripened, pluck it from its stem and compare it to both the fruit of the mother and father plants.

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