How to Know If He Likes You - Gestures to Know If He is Interested in You

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Expressing the feelings through words does not come very easily to a man.
Most men are not comfortable speaking their feelings out but their gestures can surely make you know whether he likes you or not.
You can know about his liking for you if he gives you the following signs.
  • A traditional gesture of a charmed man is that he would pass glances at you especially when you are not looking at him.
    If you see him doing this more often in the meeting then he surely has a strong liking for you.
    Just try to look straight in his eyes; if he looks away then he may be shy or nervous.
    The furtive glances to you can be a strong sign of attraction.
  • The guy's friends are often the first ones to know about his newly developed liking.
    It gives the guy immense pleasure to pass around such interesting information.
    He may also ask his friends to extract more information about you.
    You have to wait the piece of information to reach you.
  • The body language speaks more than the words.
    While having the conversation with the man, you can really make out his liking for you from his reactions and body language.
    His movements while conversing can give a fair idea about his intentions.
    You have to observe the way he interacts with you.
    If he sounds nervous and confused then you can be sure about the attraction from his side.
    The agreement on everything you are saying also shows the guy's desperation to please you.
  • If the guy is calling you up frequently to talk to you without any specific reasons to just hear your voice and know what you are doing shows his interest in you.
  • Also if he making efforts to know and be good to your friends.
    If he is genuinely trying to win your friends over and wants to be acquainted with your friend circle, then he surely has a liking towards you.
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