How to Get Rid of Side Burns for Girls

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  • 1). Shave the hair. Small electric razors intended for facial hair removal present only a small risk of razor nicks. If you opt to shave, you will have to shave the hair again every few days.

  • 2). Wax the hair. Although waxing is more painful than shaving, the results last longer. Expect to wax about once a week. However, you must allow the sideburns to grow out approximately one centimeter before you wax it again if you want the waxing process to work.

  • 3). Pluck the hair. Purchase a pair of tweezers intended specifically for hair removal, as these have tips with better grip. Tweezing takes longer than waxing or shaving because you pluck out one hair at a time. However, you may find it slightly less painful than waxing, simply because it removes one hair at a time in lieu of many. Tweezing results last as long as waxing.

  • 4). Get electrolysis. Although laser hair removal is expensive, it can cause the facial hair to permanently recede. You will have to undergo multiple sessions before you see results. The number of sessions you must attend will vary depending on the thickness and extent of your sideburns. Girls who are still legal minors require their guardians' permission for electrolysis.

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