Back Pain - A High Risk Sport You Should Avoid

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If you have back pain or you are recovering from a back injury it is always a good idea to do some form of exercise to stay fit and healthy.
This is very important when you have back pain because when your back muscles are weak they cope less effectively when stress is put on your back.
When you are recovering from back pain you will be coming out of a period of little activity.
At this stage your body will be out of condition and your muscles including your back will be weakened.
However, it is also important that you avoid sports that are going to increase your risk of injuring your back again.
Golf is a high risk sport if you have a back injury.
There are not many golfers who do not have some form of a back or neck problem.
There have been many great players who have had to cut promising careers short due to severe back pain caused by the sport they love.
It is not surprising because with golf you are constantly swinging a golf club.
This repetitive swinging puts considerable strain and pressure on the spine and in particular the discs.
During the swing you also have to shift your weight from one hip to the other and this also puts a lot of pressure on the pelvic area.
However, if you love your golf too much and you cannot bear to let it go then the following guidelines may help you enjoy it more, even with back pain.
With any kind of exercise or sporting activity you must warm up first.
The warm up gets the blood flowing, relaxes the body and prepares it for the rigours and stresses ahead.
Golf may seem like a low intensity sport however, due to its repetitive swinging you need to warm up and stretch the back, hips and pelvic area.
If you have back pain or you are coming back into golf after an injury then it is recommended that you have a professional golfer take a look at your swing.
They will advise if your swing needs to be improved.
Every club should have a resident professional that you can speak to about your swing.
If you have the habit of forcing your swing to try and make the ball travel further then, you should change this habit.
You should not force your swing but focus on completing it in a relaxed and smooth motion.
This will put less stress on your back but will also have the added benefit of making the ball go further compared to trying to force it.
Consult with your doctor first for an expert opinion before taking part in any new exercise or sporting activity.
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