How to Get Liquid Soap Off a Leather Jacket

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    • 1). Moisten a soft, clean cloth with water. Blot as much soap as possible from the jacket with the cloth.

    • 2). Moisten a sponge with water and work any remaining soap into a lather. Rinse the sponge thoroughly with water and remove any traces of soap or suds from the jacket.

    • 3). Allow the jacket to air-dry away from any sources of artificial heat or direct sunlight. Check the area that you cleaned to see if the spot is still visible after a few hours of drying.

    • 4). If the stain remains visible, moisten a clean, dry cloth and rub it over the surface of an open can of saddle soap to work up a lather. Rub the cloth over the remaining stain and the surrounding area of your jacket. Moisten another cloth and wipe away the excess lather.

    • 5). Allow the jacket to air-dry and then buff the area with a soft, clean cloth.

    • 6). Once the jacket has dried completely, apply a leather conditioner to the entire outer surface of the jacket according to the package directions.

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