Hair and Health

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Hair is a part of the human body.
Unlike your eyes, ears and other organs, you may not find a specific function for it.
But, it can reflect your health condition because hairgrowth requires nutrients from the body.
Like your body, your hair is not going to be healthy if there is not adequate nutrients.
If you find your hair is thin, it may indicate the imbalanced secretion of thyroid hormones.
They thyroid hormones help regulate body metabolism, including the hair metabolism.
The imbalance can result in an abnormal protein metabolism, which may cause them to be thinner.
Hair loss can be a reflection of iron deficiency (around 30% of people suffering from hair loss is deficient in iron).
For a normal person, hair loss amounts to around 40 to 100 pieces a day.
If you find your hair loss is accelerating, you may need to check if you are deficient in iron.
Like your skin, dry hair is very much possible due to insufficient moisture or water.
Without sufficient moisture or water, the molecular structure of the follicle is affected.
This makes the hair follicle fails to retain moisture or water.
You can eat more trout which is rich in fatty acid.
The fatty acid can help retain moisture.
Healthy hair is shinny.
If yours is not shinny, you may be suffering from vitamin B deficiency.
Vitamin B facilitate the proper function of fact is our body.
By in-taking more vitamin B from beans and cod liver oil, it can be shiner.
Oily hair can be related to excess milk intake.
From the research of hair researchers, too much milk, yogurt or milk product can cause it oily.
The remedy is simple.
Just stop drinking milk for a week.
You will notice the difference.
Hair growth speed is different to different people.
But if you notice it does not grow much, you may actually suffer from allergies.
Food allergy can shorten the life span of hair.
Therefore, it stops growing in an earlier stage than it should be.
The most common food allergy is milk or milk product allergy.
You may wish to have a checkup to see if you are really allergic to some kind of food.
Split ends are common to ladies who are having long hair.
The split ends can be a reflection of insufficient of minerals or vitamins.
You may need to eat more fruits and vegetables that contain plenty of vitamins and minerals.
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