How to Contact the Railroad Commission in Texas

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    Email and Phone

    • 1). Go to the Railroad Commission of Texas' website and browse through the email addresses and phone numbers.

    • 2). Click on the department or person you wish to contact via email; your email program will automatically open a blank email addressed to the respective party. Compose an email in which you describe the comment or complaint you wish to file. Click "Send" to send the email to the appropriate department or person.

    • 3). Dial the number of the department you wish to contact. If you are unsure which department you need to contact, call the General Information Line at (877) 228-5740, explain your comment or complaint and you will be redirected to the appropriate department. If you are hard of hearing, call the Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) line at (800) 735-2989.

    Online Forms

    • 1). Go to the Railroad Commission of Texas' website and browse through the list of online complaint forms. The online forms are for comments and complaints only.

    • 2). Click on the complaint or comment form you wish to complete. As of 2011, there are four forms: Complaint Concerning Your Gas Bill, Rules Comment Form, Informal Gas Transportation Purchase Complaint -- Preliminary Information Online Form and a Service Evaluation Survey.

    • 3). Complete the form by filling in the required fields. Some complaints, such as the "Complaint Concerning Your Gas Bill," do not have an official form; you will be taken to an email prompt where you need to compose a letter of complaint.

    • 4). Submit the form or email by clicking "Send."

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