What to Pack for a Trip to a Water Park

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    • You'll need a few basic items when visiting a water park on a day trip. Water parks do not provide towels to customers unless you want to purchase towels from a gift shop within the water park. In addition to towels, one of the most important --- if not the most important --- items you must have when spending the day in the sun is sunscreen. Pack enough sunscreen to reapply on yourself and your family multiple times throughout the day.

    Children's Items

    • Families taking children to water parks need to provide safety items for children of all ages. Arm floats for pools and lazy rivers are necessary for small children and older children that are unable to swim. Protecting children in the water is a necessity. Children that are not potty trained need special swim diapers to use in the pool and on children's rides. These are available at any store that sells diapers and other baby items.

    Personal Items

    • Bringing too many personal belongings into a water park is OK if you plan on renting a locker in the park, but it is otherwise not a wise idea. Your belongings are often left on lounge chairs unattended as you circulate the park with your family. If you cannot rent a locker, you should bring a waterproof bag to keep your keys, money and personal belongings in.

    Food and Beverage

    • Most water parks allow you to bring outside food and beverages into the park, especially if you have young children. Restaurants and concession stands are featured in most water parks, but it is a good idea to pack water to rehydrate often. If you have small children, you should bring juice, water or dry formula into the park so you have it ready at a moment's notice. Small snacks are a good idea for small children as well. Crackers, raisins and other items that can stand being in the hot sun without spoiling are food choices.

    Appropriate Clothing

    • A bathing suit and something to wear over your suit are items you need in water parks. You can wear your bathing suit into the park with a cover up, such as shorts and a tee shirt or a sundress, or you can wear your everyday clothes into the park and change into your swimsuit once you arrive. Pack a dry outfit and undergarments for everyone in your party to wear home from the park if you don't want the seats in your car to get wet. Flip-flops and water shoes are best for water parks because the ground is wet -- you'll want shoes that are OK to get wet.

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