Three Reasons To Opt For A Private Jet Charter

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Back in the day, flying was glamorous. Airplane ticket costs were high priced, and people rarely travelled. Jet travel was only considered for those who were wealthy and fashionable, and most passengers resorted to regular commercial scheduled flights which were still considered glamorous.

Today, the reality of scheduled airline travel is different aspects such as airline strikes, limitations on luggage, security clampdowns, long check-in lines, being sandwiched between strangers and many more reasons have made commercial travel very inconvenient indeed. Limitations of aircraft, similar journey times, disappointing meals, tiny leg spaces add to the dismal prospects of commercial airlines too. Those who are disappointed in scheduled airlines, have another alternative a tremendously attractive option of hiring a private jet charter. Several businesses have opted to hire private jet charters instead of using commercial flights. There are several reasons why businesses find private jet charter ideal; here are three:

Private jet charters are cost effective and convenient
Although private jet charters are more expensive than first class tickets, they are more cost effective if multiple business team members fly. Hiring a private jet can save money over multiple first class tickets. Private jet charters are also convenient as clients can avoid the hassles of parking, baggage, long lines at the ticket counter, delayed flights, layovers in crowded airports and cancelled flights.

Business clients can select the aircraft
Private jet charters offer the liberty to choose from a wide range of aircraft, according to the choice and needs of the client. Clients can select the services on flight, including technical needs and other aspects such as comfort and luxury. Customised services are offered to match the preferences of clients. The advantage of this is that clients can conduct business during the flight if necessary or can relax as the seats and cabins are large and comfortable.

Clients are able to travel to and from any destination according to their schedule
Private jet charters are made to fly for the clients, so they have the liberty to travel directly to many destinations, without having to change aircraft. Also, the jets can fly to remote areas that commercial airlines normally cannot fly to. Flights are made to travel according to the schedule of the client, and can be changed at short notice. Thus clients can travel comfortably according to their own schedule, and do not have to rush to the airport ahead of the scheduled flight. This saves valuable time for business clients.
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