Health Effects of the Extra Weight

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Why extra body fat is always accumulated at buttock or stomach areas? The effect can be quite disturbing one and you can see that all the clothes that you have get too much fit.
And the most striking effect is that you get your girlish or boyish figure disturbed.
There are lots of documentations explaining health effects that extra weight can have.
But still rate of obesity around the globe appears to be increasing with every passing minute.
It looks like as if overcoming the extra weight is becoming harder even though we have those advanced capabilities of research.
The question is that can't we have some treatment for overweight problems with the latest available technology? It sometimes appears that it is not possible for the society today to overcome this problem and has simply become a nightmare for them.
Lots of work is being done by the drug companies to find out some solution and make some weight loss medication for adding to the huge industry.
It is a fact that wonders you often to think that if these companies really have a plan to help you in losing your weight or if they just want you to be in the circle of certain diets, pills and other such stuff so that you stay obese and buy newest "magic pill".
Let's take this all in some good sense and all you need for getting things back on track with the weight and the diet is definitely some proven weight loss plan which might have been developed by some people who got success in losing weight and the most successful steps were incorporated into their plan.
This will be the only case when you will see success in losing weight as well as obtaining your desired body.
So you should certainly look for such a weight loss plan.
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