How to Care for Stachys Coccinea

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    • 1). Plant Stachys coccinea starts in the fall. The plants get established during the mild, wet winter and are ready for the spring growing season. You can also plant Stachys coccinea in late winter or spring.

    • 2). Select a spot in the garden that gets part shade. Stachys coccinea grows best in consistently moist soil, but can also tolerate periods of drought and dry soil, making it a versatile choice for border areas, perennial beds and in naturalized areas of the garden.

    • 3). Plant Stachys coccinea in holes slightly wider than the nursery pots and about the same depth as the root ball. Gently remove the plant from the nursery pots and place one in each hole. Space the plants 1 1/2 to 2 feet apart at planting time.

    • 4). Refill the soil up to the base of the stem where it meets the root ball. Smooth out the area and water, soaking each plant at least as deep as the bottom of the hole.

    • 5). Water during dry periods to keep Stachys coccinea looking lush. Consistently damp soil is preferred but not required for these drought-tolerant plants.

    • 6). Cut back the dead stalks at the soil line in fall or winter, using a pair of sharp pruning shears.

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