Let the Healing Begin

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You could be experiencing feelings of anger or grief or fear.
Whatever is occurring inside you, when you put your consciousness to it, there's always a chance to move to a higher level of your life.
You first allow yourself to experience your emotions till eventually there's a point at which there's a true experience of what's taking place inside you.
When you watch your feelings as if you are the 3rd person, great metamorphosis can happen for you.
One terribly linear barrister relaxed and moved into his feelings.
He had not felt them in a long time, and tears came to his eyes.
He was moved that he was ready to actually experience some central and profound quandaries of his life and he had the solutions within himself.
Ways to handle feelings first you allow yourself to be present for whatever feelings naturally arise.
You are feeling the feelings, and at the same time, you are observing them.
You are merciful toward your own self, and you get yourself prepared to deal with your emotions with knowledge, love, and compassion.
After you experience your deep feelings, you can then ask this question: What would my Sensible Mind let me know about this? the instant you ask this and receive an answer, you will feel a release taking place inside you.
You can then ask another query: How am I able to heal this? you'll start to experience comfort and love inside yourself, and you can get a feeling of the simple way to take one little step after another, moving yourself upward a step at a time.
Hurdles aren't, in and of themselves, bad.
They're mechanisms to help cope with tough areas of expansion, and occasionally they're trying hard to look after you.
You can take the break to be the one that makes the choice about how you are to be looked after, and in this situation you become a forceful self healer.
Everything in life is an opportunity for awakening to your distinction and your strength, as well as to the base energy of love and healing in the universe.
Working with the inner feelings and hurdles is part of the strong work of private expansion and metamorphosis.
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