How to Install Erosion Control Wattles

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    • 1). Mark out a path for your wattles using a can of spray paint. They should run along the contours of the hillside, perpendicular to the flow of water. Wattles are flexible, so your path can bend to follow the contour of the hill. After marking out the first wattle path, lay out parallel lines every 10 feet from the crest of the hill to the bottom.

    • 2). Dig 4 inch deep trenches along the lines you marked for the wattles. These trenches will give the wattles a depression to sit in an prevent them from shifting out of place or rolling down the hillside.

    • 3). Hammer wooden stakes every 4 feet along the path of each wattle. The stakes will help hold the wattles in the trenches against the force of water running down the slope.

    • 4). Lay your wattles down into the prepared trenches. Since you will be working on a hillside, it is not usually practical to bring them right to the trench with a truck or forklift. Ideally, find a flat parking area as close as possible to the job site. The best spots are at the top of the hill, so that the workers don't have to carry the wattles upwards. Once this spot is established, bring the wattles into it and then carry them down the slope by hand to install them in place. Over a few seasons, vegetation will cover them.

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