Aggressively Energize Your Mind

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There are mornings when I have a hard time getting my mind, emotions and body in gear.
I mean, I feel like a car that won't start, a sail boat with no wind or a runner with no shoes.
I want to sit back and do nothing but I know doing nothing will create misery.
Humans are designed to achieve, excel, and yes, to work.
Therefore, when these dull days happen I have to aggressively, attack my miss directed beliefs, which keep me from reaching my goal for this day.
First, I get a good cup of coffee, coffee might not be the best idea but it works and it is healthy, I guess.
Anyway, coffee first, then I read a few good articles involving faith, affirmations and positive thinking.
Second, I begin the campaign of positive self-talk.
I aggressively identify lies I am telling myself and then change the lie to the truth.
Like the lie that says, I don't want to work.
Of course, I want to work.
I don't want to live in poverty, I don't want to go with out food and I love my house, and the only way to keep all these things is to work.
So, yes work is good.
In addition to replacing lies with truth, I start with a long list of positive affirmations such as.
Life is good.
I will succeed today.
I am healthy today.
I can be all God wants me to be.
Energy is flowing through me.
I love work.
My work is rewarding.
I am wealthy.
In stating positive affirmation, I stay truthful.
For example, I might not have a billion dollars but I am wealthy.
I have a home, car, food and much more.
Yes, I am wealthy and God supply all my needs and many of my wants.
One more thing, I state all my blessing, well maybe not all of them but I do stop long enough to be thankful for what I have.
Ok, one more thing and I will stop.
I pray.
Yes, I ask God through Jesus Christ to help me this day to stay motivated, happy and calm.
I depend on God.
I will never apologize for my faith in God.
Let me encourage you to try a few of these techniques if you are having a problem getting started in the morning.
It works if you work it.
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