Supplies for the First Day of Day Care

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    Diapers and Wipes

    • Check the day care's policy on diapers and make sure that you comply. Some will provide diapers for the students, but most will expect you to bring them. Instead of packing several diapers in the bag each day, ask if you can bring a package of diapers to the day care center. The provider should tell you when your child is running low and you need to replace them. Likewise, bring a supply of wipes. If your child has sensitive skin and requires a special type of diaper or wipe, let the provider know so that she doesn't accidentally use another child's wipes.

    Extra Clothing

    • Babies and toddlers can have many accidents throughout the day, requiring a frequent change of clothes. Pack at least two extra outfits, if not more. This is especially true for kids who are toilet training. If your child is teething, pack extra bibs that can be used to capture drool.

    Feeding Supplies

    • The day care may provide food for toddlers, but if your child requires special meals, send your own. For babies, you should send bottles and breast milk or formula. Clearly label your breast-milk packages with the date and your child's name.


    • Your child may have a special item that makes him feel safe, such as a blanket or a stuffed animal. Send this along with him to help him cope with the separation anxiety that he's bound to feel. Consider sending several pacifiers that he can use while sleeping.

    Classroom Supplies

    • Some day care providers ask you to contribute general supplies for the day care center as well. Every parent might be asked to provide tissue, anti-bacterial soap and hand gel that all teachers and students can use, for example. Your day care will give you a list of things it expects you to provide.

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