DNA - Life"s Roadmap

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Three billion base pairs of molecular genetics are needed for human DNA.
DeoxyriboNucleic Acid(DNA) is a road map of information that is made up of chromosomes and genetic information and serves to determine everything about you.
Matthew Hodgkin is a researcher at Birmingham University's Institute of Cancer Studies and he explains, "DNA is divided into functional units.
These functional units are genes which carry all the instructions for making up our body.
So there is a gene that tells the body to have brown hair and so on.
Each gene is a code for a particular protein.
Our bodies are made up of proteins.
So the genes dictate how we are made and what our bodies look like.
You may have heard the term 'double helix'.
This describes the DNA molecule.
It is two strands coiled round each other.
You inherit half your DNA from your mother and half from your father.
The genes are all in pairs and which of each pair you inherit from each parent is randomly determined when the egg or sperm cells are developing.
This explains why an inherited disease caused by one gene will only be passed on to children in 50% of cases.
" [1] Forensic science uses DNA to assist in matching separated family members, determining high tech whodunits and more.
The use of DNA is a conclusive way to identify an individual, the family they are from and the tie to both their father and mother.
Three billion pairs of information make for a very complex data stream.
Is it logical to assume that the DNA that is used to determine an individual's makeup was the result of time, chance and overactive single cells? To put this in perspective consider this, "There are more than 122.
9637 x 10 to the 32nd power possible different combinations in just one chromosome.
That is 122,963,700,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.
Now multiply that times the 46 chromosomes you have in every cell in your body.
It is easy to see how complex this can get.
" [2] We've all seen the spiraling staircase of DNA and may have wondered how it works, why it works and what it does.
It is apparent that our DNA is a fully developed mechanism that provides life with multiple options.
The DNA is very orderly and uses a series of proteins, enzymes and amino acids to form the chain of generic and chromosomal information.
Interestingly, the base strands in DNA point to a specific species origin.
In order for evolutionary thought to be true there would need to be multiplied thousands of DNA base strands to facilitate the changes that are promoted in this theory.
The evidence seems to point another direction.
Perhaps DNA looks designed because it is designed.
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org [2] Hauns.
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