Lose Fat in Stomach - Can You Do It?

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How to lose fat in stomach is a common question in forums about weight loss. Therefore, here I will give some tips that could help you to eliminate the fat around your waist. Clearly, this will not happen from one day to another and will require some effort and dedication.

Lets start:

  • Avoid the continued consumption of alcohol
    Probably, you already know that alcohol causes weight gain, but does not end there, know someone who is tall and thin but at the same time has a big belly? It may be an excessive consumption of alcohol. The explanation for this is that the calories from alcohol are completely useless, alcohol contains no nutrients and thus all their calories are stored as fat.
    My suggestion: If you usually drink alcohol frequently, do not stop drinking completely, avoid the daily consumption and drink in a moderated way.

  • No late night snack
    This is a bit obvious, but it is never too much to recall it because people have a short memory. If you eat before going to sleep, youre not burning the calories you consume, and then they are converted into stored fat that just under your belly skin.
    My suggestion: have your last meal 2-3 hours before your bedtime. If you need to eat something, pick something healthy, as a piece of fruit.

  • Take the junk food from your diet

    Try registering in a role the meals that you have made over 2 weeks, probably you will find that consumed much more crap than you expected. I can say that by doing this little test I discovered how my food was bad. Usually neither was the main meals I consumed the worst food, it was the snacks, with products that had in the closet (chips, cookies, etc...).
    My suggestion: In your meals away from home and at the supermarket shopping, stop buying junk food.

  • Make exercise
    Please do not exaggerate it may do more harm than good, but start doing exercises, at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular a day along with the abdominal exercises. If you have time and money, join a gym near home, where you can get an exercise program from a personal trainer.

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