The Pleasure Of Dancing And The Rewards Of The Performance

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Dance can bring excitement and joy.
It is very positive for you both psychologically and physically, providing many rewards.
There are many disciplines to choose from with ballet, ballroom, jazz, stylish hop or tap each offering an individual style and benefit.
Ballet teaches gentle movement and sophistication whilst it strengthens the muscles.
With stylish hop dancing, it is a way to express one's self with rhythm and gives the performer an exhilarating feel throughout the body, as it consists of lots of rapid movement.
Jazz and tap each take a lot of co-ordination and different sets of muscles are used that will leave the performer tingling with a sense of accomplishment.
Other benefits of dancing include keeping the body and soul young.
Daily dancing, even weekly dancing slows the aging process greatly and increases the breathing rate.
Dancing can take as much energy as cycling or swimming and gives the cardio-vascular system a good work-out.
Dancing has been found to prevent and treat osteoporosis, which can threaten women particularly as they approach menopause.
Regular dancing will help prevent a drop in estrogen levels and increase the calcium needed for healthy bones.
It is a great way to ward off arthritis as well, as it aids circulation and helps in the lubrication of the joints.
What a way to control your weight! Dancing is a very efficient calorie burner, being as effective as many active sports and will result in an improvement to one's stamina.
Dancing raises the HDL (good cholesterol) and lowers the LDL (bad cholesterol), both a bonus for those watching their cholesterol levels.
Our memory improves with dance by exercising it to remember dance patterns, routines and steps.
Exercising your mind going keeps you young - at heart anyway! Dance improves balance and co-ordination as you learn the different routines and steps, stabilizing muscles and building up core strength which keeps us less prone to injury and strengthens our reflexes.
It is a great way to keep our central nervous system and peripheral nervous system in tip-top shape by improving the mind-body connection.
Where would we be without dance for entertainment and social recreation.
It is a great way to make new friends and experience new cultures.
It can be a romantic way to bring couples closer together and make each other happy.
Once one has performed in front of family, friends and peers, there is a sense of accomplishment for the performer.
The satisfaction of knowing you have learned a dance, given a performance in front of others and received accolades and applause, is worth the effort you have put into the training.
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