Atracurium Side Effects

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    Possible Side Effects

    • The most common possible side effects of Atracurium use include heart rate increase, bronchospasm, decrease in blood pressure and skin rash. These side effects generally occur due to histamine release. Should an individual experience any of these side effects, medical attention should be sought immediately.

    Allergic Reactions

    • Some individuals might experience allergic reactions as a side effect of taking Atracurium. These allergic reactions are anaphylactoid and anaphylactic responses and include symptoms such as hives and rash. In uncommon cases, a severe reaction, such as cardiac arrrest can occur.


    • Patients who have used Atracurium for a long-term basis (generally for mechanical ventilation purposes, as opposed to surgery) also have been known to experience spontaneous seizures. However, this is an extremely rare side effect of Atracurium.

    Major Drug Interactions

    • Atracurium interacts with a lot of drugs. Drug interactions can lead to negative side effects, or the effectiveness of 1 or both of the medications increasing or decreasing. Some drugs that cause major interactions with Atracurium include Cidomycin, Neo-Fradin, Amikin, Septopal, Myobloc, Garamycin, Paromycin, Neo-Tab, Kantrex, and many others.

    Moderate and Minor Drug Interactions

    • Many medications can result in moderate to minor drug interactions with Atracurium. These drugs include Aminosyn, Levatol, Valium, Minocin, Sumycin, Theobid, Tetracon, Sorine, Tritec, Theovent, and others. Individuals must notify their doctors about all medications that they are taking when considering Atracurium.

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